best wav wheelchair accessible vehicle 2024

Best Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle 2024

In our opinion, one of the best all around options when it comes to wheelchair accessible vehicles is the Ford Tourneo Connect. 

This vehicle is a perfect balance of reliability, features, accessibility and ease of operation.


Every motorist values reliability in their vehicle- including passengers too!

Ford is well known for their reliability and strong engineering and the Ford Tourneo Connect is no exception. Conversions on these vehicles are also excellently installed, further increasing reliability. 

Our Connects (and all other vehicles on fleet) are fully maintained and services to help keep them running smoothly. 


This vehicle is jam-packed with infotainment features to make your journey as smooth as possible. Features a full colour touch screen, this vehicle allows you to connect your phone via bluetooth, android auto or Apple car play. It also features a handy sat-nav feature so you can plan your trips with ease. 

In terms of safety, modern vehicles have features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist and automatic emergency braking.


Fitted with manual rear ramps, these Connects are a great option when it comes to wheelchair accessible vehicles. 

A wheelchair user would simply enter the vehicle via the long and secure ramp then have their wheelchair secured safely in place with the included tie down restraints and of course along with a seatbelt. 

These vehicles can seat 5 people (including the driver) along with 1 wheelchair user in the rear and offers plenty of room for all in the vehicle. At the same time as being spacious, this vehicle is also not too large and so is easier to drive around town and manoeuvre.


In conclusion, the Ford Tourneo Connect stands out as our top recommendation for wheelchair accessible vehicles in 2024. Combining reliability, advanced features, accessibility, and ease of operation, it exceeds expectations on every front:

  • Reliability: Ford’s renowned reliability and robust engineering ensure peace of mind, with expertly installed conversions enhancing functionality.
  • Features: The vehicle boasts a full-colour touchscreen with seamless smartphone integration via Bluetooth, Android Auto, or Apple CarPlay. It also includes a handy sat-nav feature for easy trip planning.
  • Safety: Modern safety features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking provide added security on the road.
  • Accessibility: Equipped with manual rear ramps, the Connect offers effortless entry for wheelchair users, ensuring secure wheelchair restraint and ample seating for up to five passengers and one wheelchair user.

The Ford Tourneo Connect’s thoughtful design balances spaciousness with manoeuvrability, making it equally suited for urban navigation and longer journeys. Whether you prioritise comfort, safety, or modern conveniences, this vehicle exemplifies versatility and practicality, setting a new standard in wheelchair accessible transportation.

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