Dual control car hire for tests

Dual Control Car Hire For Tests

In need of a vehicle for a test?

Look no further, Specialist Vehicle Rental can provide you a variety of dual control vehicle options on short, medium or long term hire. 

We understand the stress of driving tests for students and instructors- ensure you have the right vehicle you need on the days you need it.

Why hire a vehicle?

Driving tests are a nervous time for both learners and driving instructors alike. On the day, you want your vehicle to be in fit and ready condition. In the event your vehicle happens to be off the road (for maintenance or repairs for example) you won’t want to start postponing tests and lessons for your students. 

You can also save yourself the hassle of pesky vehicle maintenance with our vehicles- we handle all that for you.

How can my driving school be covered for all future tests?

Simply by keeping us in mind! 

Unfortunately, things do not always go to plan… Keep us in mind if in the future you find yourself with a test around the corner and your vehicle happens to be off the road. 

We also offer long term hire for our dual control vehicles- giving you a new vehicle to use to teach students, all while we cover the maintenance. We can even swap the vehicle out in the event it is off the road. 

How can I drive confidence in my driving school?

By having a backup vehicle option (with our short term hire vehicles) you can ensure you do not have to cancel lessons or more importantly cancel tests for your students. This ensures a better experience for your learners and will surely boost your recommendations.

We also offer an excellent range of dual control fitted vehicle makes and models to provide your school top of the line vehicles.

If you are looking to learn more, follow this link: https://specialistvehiclerental.co.uk/dual-control-car-hire-for-test/

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