ford tourneo connect wheelchair accessible vehicle

Ford Tourneo Connect Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle WAV 

In the realm of people carriers that seamlessly blend style with functionality, the Ford Tourneo Connect emerges as a sophisticated choice for those who prioritise spaciousness, adaptability, and safety. This mid-sized van not only boasts a sleek exterior design but also redefines the driving experience with its comfort-focused interior and innovative features. The wheelchair accessible conversions on these fit seamlessly, making this an all-round solid vehicle. 

Sleek Design, Functional Form 

The Ford Tourneo Connect catches the eye with its elegant exterior, marrying aesthetics with practically. The streamlined silhouette not only contributes to its visual appeal but also enhances fuel efficiency, making a statement about the thoughtful design ethos behind this impressive vehicle. The rear ramp and flooring for wheelchair position have been expertly engineered. 

Versatile Seating Configurations

Step inside the Tourneo Connect, and you’re met with a spacious and well-thought-out interior. The seating arrangements are highly adaptable, offering various configurations to effortlessly accommodate passengers and cargo. Every journey becomes a comfortable and customisable experience, whether you’re navigating city streets or embarking on a family road trip. The rear space for a wheelchair user is spacious, comfortable and most importantly safe, with all necessary features such as tie downs, straps, locks and a seatbelt. 

Connectivity Redefined 

Acknowledging the importance of staying connected, Ford integrates advanced connectivity features into the Tourneo Connect. The intuitive infotainment system, complete with touchscreen controls and seamless smartphone integration, not only adds a touch of modernity but also elevates the overall driving experience. 

Efficiency with Power

Underneath its sleek exterior, the Tourneo Connect hides a range of efficient and powerful engines. The driving experience is characterised by a smooth and confident ride, adapting seamlessly to diverse road conditions. Whether cruising on the highway or manoeuvring through urban landscapes, the Tourneo Connect delivers performance with a touch of sophistication. 

The Perfect Adaptation

The Tourneo Connect offers a healthy amount of room all while being a manageable sized van. This is a great option for those planning on driving around in the city, you can enjoy the right amount of room all while being able to easily park and navigate around. 

Economical Ownership 

Ford’s commitment to providing value is evident in the Tourneo Connect’s cost-effective ownership. With competitive pricing, fuel efficiency, and reasonable maintenance costs, this van is not just a vehicle but a long-term investment in convenience and reliability. 

The Verdict: A Customised Journey Awaits

In conclusion, the Ford Tourneo Connect stands as a distinctive and reliable choice for those seeking a blend of elegance, comfort, and adaptability in a people carrier. With its design, innovative features, and dedication to performance, the Tourneo Connect promises a customised journey that transforms every drive into a memorable experience for both driver and passengers.

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