how to get an adapted car

How To Get An Adapted Car?

Initial Assessment

To properly drive an adapted vehicle in the UK, you should get an assessment from the Regional Driving Assessment Centre. This is an organisation that will give you an assessment and try out different vehicle adaptations to see which can aid you.

Driving adaptations are aimed to make your driving journey more safe and more comfortable, despite any mobility issues. 

You can voluntarily go to your local Regional Driving Assessment Centre, pay a fee and have this testing done. They will find and recommend the best and needed driving adaptations for you. 

Securing Your Adapted Vehicle

Once this is done, you can approach a company such as ourselves and our team will find you a vehicle of your choice and have the adaptations fitted by professionals. 

Alternatively, should your doctor tell you that you need an adaptation to drive, they will notify the DVLA who will put you through to the Regional Driving Assessment Centre free of charge. This process can sometimes take longer however. Common situations of referral from a doctor would be through injury or health issues which deteriorate limbs/mobility.

Once you have gone through this process, your need to drive with a certain adaptation will be notified on your driving licence details.

How We Can Help

We stock a range of vehicles which can be fitted with your required adaption. Hiring an adapted vehicle can be a fantastic option to getting a modern car with your needs.

Give our team a call on 01922 624 967 or email

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