peugeot partner wheelchair accessible vehicle

Peugeot Partner Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle WAV

This compact yet robust van has been turning heads and making waves in the wheelchair accessible vehicle department for many years. This classic WAV is one of the most commonly converted vehicles due to its cost-friendly price and compact size. 

Many of our customers love this vehicle; it is big enough to fit a manual rear ramp, 3-5 regular seats plus a wheelchair position all while being small enough to be manageable to manoeuvre around. 

Design and Compact Versatility

The Peugeot Partner boasts a design that seamlessly blends practicality with modern aesthetics. Its compact size makes it ideal for urban environments, allowing for easy manoeuvrability through tight spaces while maintaining a spacious interior. The van’s sliding door adds a touch of convenience, making passenger entrance easy. The rear manual ramp is easy to drop and the wheelchair tie down locks are easily accessible. 

Efficient Performance

Under the hood, the Peugeot Partner is powered by a range of fuel-efficient engines that strike a balance between power and economy. Whether you choose a petrol or diesel engine, you can expect a smooth and responsive drive, making every journey enjoyable and efficient. This is especially important during the rise of fuel prices, while this vehicle is larger than a standard car, it is rather fuel efficient. 

Smart Interior Layout 

Step inside the Peugeot Partner, and you’ll be greeted by a thoughtfully designed interior that prioritises functionality. The cabin is crafted with quality materials, and the ergonomic layout ensures that everything is within reach. The versatile seating arrangement allows for various cargo configurations, making it adaptable to different business needs. 

Most models of this vehicle are also converted with a built in internal winch. This is to aid in pulling the wheelchair user up the ramp safely. They are also equipped with secure wheelchair tie downs and a seatbelt for the wheelchair user.

Technology and Connectivity 

Peugeot understands the importance of staying connected, even on the go. The Partner comes equipped with a user-friendly infotainment system that includes features such as touchscreen controls, navigations, and smartphone integration. This not only enhances the driving experience but also contributes to overall productivity. 

Safety First 

Safety is a top priority for Peugeot, and the Partner reflects this commitment. With advanced safety features such as stability control, multiple airbags, and assistance systems, the van provides peace of mind for both the driver and passengers. Additionally, the Partner’s robust build ensures durability and protection in various driving conditions. 

Our vehicles have been professionally converted by the best in the business. They come standard with all safety measures, including proper wheelchair tie downs, straps and locks along with a proper adjustable seatbelt.

The Verdict: Partnering for Success

In conclusion, the Peugeot Partner stands out as a fantastic and classic wheelchair accessible vehicle option. This vehicle is one of our most commonly hired vehicles, our customers absolutely love them. 

Get in touch now to get your hands on one.

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