the adapted car vehicle guide

The Adapted Car Guide

What is an adapted vehicle?

Simply put, an adapted vehicle is one which has been fitted with extra pieces of equipment to aid the driver- typically in the case of the driver having limited mobility. 

Standard vehicles will be taken and fitted with these adaptations by trained and approved fitters. Almost any vehicle can be adapted, our fleet consists of small hatchbacks, mid sized cars, estate cars, SUVs, vans, electric cars and more !

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Do I need an adapted vehicle?

Getting an adapted vehicle involves going through the Regional Driving Assessment Centre. This is an assessment centre which assesses your mobility level and allows you to trial different vehicle adaptations. They will help you find the best adaptations you require to have the safest and most comfortable driving experience. 

You can go to this assessment centre and pay a fee to have this assessment done or you are able to be referred by the DVLA should a doctor tell you it is required. Going through the doctor’s referral and DVLA is free of charge but has a longer waiting list. 

Once you have been approved and recommended driving adaptations, you will have this added onto your driving licence details. 

Is it better to buy or lease an adapted vehicle?

Buying an adapted vehicle may be difficult as they are not as commonly listed for sale compared to standard or even wheelchair accessible vehicles. 

The benefits of buying an adapted vehicle outright would be the fact that you own the vehicle in full and can pay for it all in one go. This is a great option for if you are looking to modify the vehicle further after purchase, something which is typically not allowed by lease companies. 

By hiring an adapted vehicle, you will have more choice and most likely a more modern car as well. The lease agreement may also have certain aspects of the vehicle looked after by the company as well as other benefits. This is especially useful in the event the vehicle adaptations went wrong. 

The different types of vehicle adaptations:

We have written articles on several types of vehicle adaptations, you can see them linked below. If you have any more questions or would like a quote on an adapted vehicle, simply call or email us.

Boot hoist-

Vehicle pedal guards-

Infrared hand controls-

Push pull hand controls-

Swivel seat-

Easy release hand controls-

Steering ball-

Twin flip accelerator-

Our First Blog !

Welcome to our first ever blog ! Here at Specialist Vehicle Rental, we are striving to ease the process of learning about wheelchair accessible vehicles.