twin flip accelerator pedal

Twin Flip Accelerator Driving Pedals

A twin flip accelerator is a simple mechanism which can allow the user to flip up the accelerator pedal, which in turn pushes down another accelerator pedal on the left hand side. You can then flip this left accelerator pedal up to drop down the right accelerator pedal. 

This mechanism is for people who do not have full mobile use of their right foot and therefore must use their left foot for the driving pedals. It is easier for a driver to have the accelerator on the left side if they are using their left leg for driving.

Why not permanently move the accelerator to the left?

The purpose of the flip mechanism is so you can choose where the pedal is depending on different driver’s needs. 


As the automotive industry embraces the era of electric and autonomous vehicles, twin flip accelerator pedals stand out as a testament to the ongoing commitment to safety, performance, and adaptability. This innovative design is not merely a feature; it represents a paradigm shift in the way we interact with our vehicles. The twin flip accelerator pedals are not just pedals; they are a gateway to a dynamic and personalised driving future. Buckle up for a ride into the future—where control meets customization on the open road.

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