Wheelchair Accessible Taxi/Uber Vehicles

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi/Uber Vehicles

At Specialist Vehicle Rental, we understand the importance of mobility and independence for everyone. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of wheelchair accessible taxis (WAVs) available for lease on flexible terms. Whether you’re a seasoned taxi driver looking to expand your services or just starting your ride-sharing journey, we have the perfect WAV to suit your needs and budget.

Our Range of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Perfect for Taxi

Please note: all our vehicles are ULEZ and CAZ compliant and EURO 6.

Small Range

Our small range features 3-5 seats and are generally Peugeot Partners or Volkswagen Caddys. These are very popular options for taxis/uber drivers. We have auto and manual options and some come fitted with a winch. 

Medium Range

Our medium range of WAVs can fit 5 passengers comfortably along with 1 wheelchair user. These options offer more space and comfort for both your passengers and the wheelchair user. These models are automatic transmission, ULEZ compliant and can come requested with a winch option.

Large Range

For those who frequently pick up larger groups of people along with a wheelchair user or may need to carry 2 wheelchair users at the same time. These vehicles can carry between 5-7 people and it can allow up to 2 wheelchairs. 

These vehicles can also allow for both larger wheelchairs and also mobility scooters. Again, these vehicles are still ULEZ and CAZ compliant. 


Why Lease as a Taxi Driver?

Wide range of choice: We offer a vast range of vehicles for you to use, including some brand new vehicles. Leasing can be an affordable way to get you in the vehicle of your dreams.

Vehicle Maintenance: The MOT, servicing and other maintenance is all handled by us. This will save you both time and hassle, leaving you more time to focus on your business. 

Free Breakdown Cover: Our vehicles are covered with RAC breakdown cover, giving you peace of mind anywhere, anytime. 

Replacement Vehicle: We will provide you with a replacement vehicle in the event you have a breakdown or similar circumstance.

Optional Insurance: We can also handle your insurance for your vehicle too, saving you another hassle. 

Do you have a cover vehicle?

Do you have a backup plan to keep earning in the event your main vehicle is off the road? 

Many of our taxi/uber driver customers keep us as a backup in the event their vehicle is in for repairs, they can take a short term hire with us and keep their business running. 

Operational Advantages:

Reduced downtime: Minimise maintenance cost and repairs by just leasing a WAV from us!.

Focus on your business: Free yourself from maintenance worries and focus on providing excellent service to your customers.

Peace of mind: Knowing your vehicle is reliable and well-maintained ensures a smoother operation and happier customers.

Our Flexible Lease Options

Short-Term Lease: Perfect for trying out the WAV market or for temporary transportation needs, our short-term leases provide flexibility for new drivers or seasonal fluctuations. This option is also excellent for those who need a temporary cover vehicle while theirs is off the road. 

Medium-Term Lease: This option offers a balance between commitment and affordability, ideal for establishing your business or for drivers with predictable needs.
Long-Term Lease: Our long-term leases provide stability and cost-efficiency for experienced drivers with a well-established clientele. Long term leasing will bring down your monthly quote.

Our First Blog !

Welcome to our first ever blog ! Here at Specialist Vehicle Rental, we are striving to ease the process of learning about wheelchair accessible vehicles.