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Who Can Fit Dual Controls To Your Car?


The journey to becoming a skilled driver often involves the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor in a dual control vehicle. But have you ever wondered who has the expertise to fit dual controls to a car? In this blog, we’ll explore the individuals and professionals involved in the process of fitting dual controls and the importance of seeking qualified experts for this crucial task. 

1.Automotive Engineers and Technicians:

Automotive engineers and technicians with expertise in vehicle modifications are key players in fitting dual controls. Their understanding of a car’s mechanical and electrical systems is essential for a seamless integration of the dual control system. 

2.Specialised Dual Control Installation Services:

Many regions have specialised services that focus exclusively on fitting dual controls to vehicles. These services often employ skilled technicians trained in the intricacies of dual control installation. 

3.Authorised Dealerships and Service Centres: 

Some car manufacturers collaborate with authorised dealerships and service centres to offer dual control installation services. This ensures that modifications align with the manufacturer’s standards and guidelines. 

4.Driving School Instructors with Technical Expertise: 

In some cases, driving school instructors with a background in automotive mechanics may have the skills to fit dual controls. However, it’s crucial that they possess the necessary technical expertise and adhere to safety standards. 

5.Certified Dual Control System Providers

Some companies specialise in manufacturing and supplying dual control systems. These providers often offer certified installation services or collaborate with authorised technicians to ensure proper fitting. 

The Importance of Professional Installation 

1.Safety First: 

Dual controls play a critical role in ensuring the safety of both the instructor and the learner driver. Professional installation minimises the risk of malfunctions or errors that could compromise safety during driving lessons. 

2.Compliance with Regulations 

Local regulations and laws often dictate the standards for dual control installation in driving school vehicles. Professionals are familiar with these regulations and ensure compliance to avoid legal issues. 

3.Preservation of Vehicle Integrity: 

Fitting dual controls requires modifications to a vehicle’s structure. Professionals are trained to make these modifications without compromising the integrity of the vehicle, ensuring it remains safe and roadworthy. 

4.Warranty Considerations 

Some car manufacturers may have specific guidelines regarding modifications to their vehicles. Professional installation services provided by authorised technicians meet the manufacturer’s standards. 


The fitting of dual controls is a task that demands precision, technical expertise, and a thorough understanding of automotive systems. Whether you choose automotive engineers, specialised installation services, or authorised dealerships, it’s crucial to prioritise professionals who can guarantee the safety and reliability of the dual control system. 

By entrusting this task to qualified individuals and services, you not only ensure a smooth learning experience for driving students but also contribute to the overall safety and standardisation of driver education. The road to becoming a proficient driver starts with the right guidance, and the professionals behind dual control installation play a vital role in shaping that journey.

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